Umbrella Insurance in Ohio

Umbrella insurance has earned a top spot as an essential policy within Ohio and for a good reason. It covers you when you incur expenses beyond your primary coverage limits, keeping your financial assets intact. A few areas that policy seekers within Ohio can expect protection include damage to property and personal liability claims. M & M Insurance Group in Chesterland, OH can help you find the right policy!

Bodily Injury Harm

If you incur significant 3rd party injury costs after an auto accident or your guests get injured on your property, umbrella insurance will help pay for the ensuing costs. It allows you to cover expenses beyond your existing policies, such as hospital bills for covering other parties’ injuries.

Liability Claims

Not all policies will provide extensive coverage for everyday claims, with instances such as slander and libel excluded in numerous policies. Umbrella insurance can help compensate you for these legal costs during court trials. It will also be helpful when sued for malicious prosecution and false arrest.

Rental Unit Coverage

Umbrella insurance can also protect you against claims on your renting journey. If, for instance, visitors trip and fall on your property and get injured, an umbrella policy will help you pay for the medical costs incurred. These include ambulance fees, x-ray costs, and consultation fees. If visitors also get pet bites, umbrella coverage will be ideal for paying for the hospital expenses.

Property Damage

Your auto coverage may get exhausted when you cause an auto accident, resulting in out-of-pocket expenses. Umbrella insurance will come in handy here and compensate you for property repair or replacement costs. This could be damage to vehicles, buildings, or fences.

Whether you need help to settle destruction costs arising from everyday Ohio mishaps or need to keep your assets secure when you encounter legal battles, M & M Insurance Group is the partner you need. Call our Chesterland, OH agents today for tailor-made coverage.

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