Motor Home Insurance in Ohio

Are you planning to go on a family vacation using your new motorhome? Before you set out on your trip, make sure your motorhome insurance is in order. We at M & M Insurance Group offer comprehensive motorhome insurance to all Ohio residents. Visit our location in Chesterland, OH today if you're looking for a new policy.

But why exactly do you need this type of insurance? Find out the answer to that question and pick up other pieces of relevant information by continuing below.

Do You Need Motorhome Insurance in Ohio?

Let's address the most important question right away. Are you required to purchase motorhome insurance in Ohio?

Since a motorhome is still considered a motor vehicle, you are legally obligated to purchase relevant insurance before taking it to the road. The minimums for your motorhome plan are similar to what you'll see in a standard car insurance policy.

The motorhome insurance policy must allot $25,000 in bodily injury coverage per person. It must also provide up to $50,000 in bodily injury coverage per accident if more than one person is harmed. The policy must also reserve an additional $25,000 in property damage coverage per accident.

Unless you want to get in trouble with the law, you should secure a policy with those minimums before going on vacation using your motorhome. Sometimes, you may even have to get the policy before purchasing your new vacation vehicle. Some lenders may not agree to finance your motorhome purchase until you've obtained a policy.

Show that you're a responsible motorist by purchasing the necessary insurance.

How Will Motorhome Insurance Protect You?

Your motorhome policy's specific details will determine how it will protect you. However, you can expect to find certain elements in your plan.

Liability coverage is the most crucial part of your policy because it can save you from financial ruin if you cause an accident. Don't worry because liability coverage will always be a part of motorhome insurance.

Your policy may also cover some of the items inside your motorhome. Take the time to review your policy so you can check which items are protected.

We at M & M Insurance Group are making motorhome insurance more accessible to Ohio residents. Get your policy today by visiting our office in Chesterland, OH.

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