Life Insurance in Ohio

Signing up for life insurance can be overwhelming, with numerous Ohio residents tasked with identifying the ideal coverage suited to their lifestyle and medical needs. Fortunately, M & M Insurance Group in Chesterland, OH can help break down various life policies available within Ohio, as listed below.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance provides short-term protection and lasts for a predetermined time. Beneficiaries are eligible for death payouts if the policyholders pass during this period. That said, term life insurance will expire if you outlive the stipulated duration, requiring you to get additional protection. It can be extended to a permanent cover, allowing your beneficiaries to reap the benefits over a longer duration.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is a lifelong policy, allowing beneficiaries to receive death benefits once they die. It comes with a cash value feature that builds value over time. The policyholder can redeem this policy, with numerous utilizing it in their retirement years. The payouts allow your loved ones to care for funeral expenses, spousal support, and childcare costs.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is another lifelong coverage that protects you until you die. Your beneficiaries get the payout upon death, with the benefits going a long way in setting them up for financial stability. It also comes with a cash value feature that increases value throughout the coverage. Universal life insurance comes with flexible payment terms that allow you to take care of urgent everyday needs. This could be instances when you need to cover expenses related to job relocation or the addition of a dependent such as an elderly loved one or toddler, into your care.

Life insurance coverage options are crucial for many individuals. If any of the above policies are suited to your family's needs, talk to M & M Insurance Group today. Our Ohio agents can help underwrite a life policy with Chesterland, OH needs in mind for year-round protection.

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