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Buying insurance shouldn’t be a chore. Here at M & M Insurance Group, we want to make purchasing insurance a simpler process for all Ohio residents. You can visit our office in Chesterland, OH today and secure all the necessary policies.

Protecting yourself, your family, and your assets from unexpected incidents doesn’t have to be complicated. You’ll see how easy the process can be if you work with us!

Offering a Wide Range of Insurance Policies

Our focus has always been on providing comprehensive insurance policies. We offer essential products, including auto, life, homeowner’s, and renter’s insurance. We also provide umbrella insurance if you want added protection from potential mishaps.

Are you starting a business sometime soon? You cannot focus your resources only on your equipment and personnel. Make sure you also take out a commercial policy that shields your business from different kinds of liability.

After spending a fortune on your vehicle collection, it would be unwise to skimp on insurance. All that capital you put into your collection may go to waste due to that decision. Protect your assets with our boat, classic car, motorcycle, motorhome, and RV policies.

Never feel vulnerable while driving or sailing, knowing that M & M Insurance Group has you covered!

Personalizing Policies for All Our Clients

We take pride in our ability to make comprehensive insurance available to all of our clients in Ohio. However, that’s not the extent of the work we do. Your policy should work for you. Tell us about your specific needs so we can create policies that suit you best.

If you’ve hesitated to purchase insurance because you thought the policies didn’t account for your best interests, we are here to change that.

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M & M Insurance Group is your one-stop shop for comprehensive and personalized policies. Please stop by our office in Chesterland, OH today so we can discuss your insurance packages. Customize your insurance and obtain protection for your personal and professional needs!