Condo Insurance in Ohio

Condo insurance protects the structure of your condo and your personal belongings in it. If you need condo insurance, there is only one place to go, and that is here at M & M Insurance Group in Chesterland, OH. Our condo insurance policies range from liability coverage to temporary shelter, which pays you to reside elsewhere if your condo becomes uninhabitable.

Condo Insurance Requirements

Condo insurance is not legally required in the state of Ohio. However, your mortgage lender can require condo insurance as a part of the terms of your mortgage agreement.

Condo Insurance Coverage

The following are all coverage options you can choose from to protect your condo and your finances:

  • Personal liability: Your personal items, such as appliances, electronics, furniture, clothing, and others, are protected under this policy. If your personal items become damaged or stolen, this may help to cover them if they need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Guest medical coverage:If a visitor becomes injured while visiting your condo, this will provide coverage for medical expenses even if you are not liable for the accident.
  • Personal property: This protects your bike if it sustains damage from the weather, fire, vandalism, animals, etc. Your expenses for repairing or replacing your bike will be covered under this policy.
  • Building property coverage:This covers you if the walls or anything in the interior of your condo becomes damaged and needs to be repaired. This can also include built-in fixtures and bookcases if they become damaged.
  • Loss assessment: This may cover your portion of repair expenses if a fire causes damage to the common area in your condo building.

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