Renters Insurance in Ohio

The number of renters in the Chesterland, OH, area has grown significantly, and so needs renters’ insurance. Whether you are looking to take an extra layer of protection against your personal items, or your new leasing agreement requires this coverage, it may be in your best interest to invest in renters’ insurance from M & M Insurance Group today.

Personal Item Protection

When you first obtain your renter's insurance policy, you need to determine the value of personal items you own that will be stored at your home or apartment. Any of the following that you purchased with your own money can be reimbursed if damaged or stolen while you are living at the leased property:

  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Jewelry
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Clothing
  • Art/Paintings

Anything you own of value should be listed with your insurance agent and filed on the insurance so that there are limited disputes if you have to make a claim after an unexpected event.

Liability Coverage

As the person renting the property, you could be sued for damages by an injured guest while visiting. With your insurance policy, you can get liability coverage to help cover any medical expenses or property damage the other person may have suffered.

Reimbursement for Relocation

if the home or apartment you are renting needs to undergo renovation and you have to find other lodgings for a few nights, you can claim with your insurance and get reimbursed for those expenses. This is a common need for renters whose local area may have suffered a natural disaster and need to be aware of their home for a few days. If you have to relocate for a long term due to the damage or renovation, you could be compensated for your costs between leasing agreements.

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